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Giving eco-friendly gifts is an excellent approach to demonstrating your concern for your loved ones' values, life ideals, and lifestyle choices. Without further ado, here are our top recommendations for fun, useful, and considerate eco-friendly gift ideas for your environmentally concerned friends and family!

Perfect Essentials Gift Hamper | An Eco-friendly & Plastic-Free Gift Combo

This year, why not bring your loved ones good luck by giving them this beautifully packaged eco-friendly gift set that includes everything they need for personal care and hygiene, as well as a beautiful soy wax candle?

The items in this set were chosen with care so that you can give your loved ones the best gifts possible.

Mid-Summer Breeze | Skin Care Hamper | Gift Box

This gift box is filled with our handmade products that are naturally uplifting—and these aren't just any old products. They're made in small batches using only natural ingredients like herbs and spices that get their color from seeds, roots, and clays.

Bamboo Mobile Holder | Charging Dock | Ideal Corporate Gift

Looking for the best gift to give your family and friends for the New Year? This bamboo cell phone holder and docking station is a great way to keep your nightstand or desk clean and organized. It has an easy-to-use charging hole, so you don't have to worry about your phone running out of power in the middle of the night while you're sleeping.

Sustainable starter pack

If you're looking for a new year gift idea for a family that's eco-friendly and natural, check out our new starter pack!

The Sustainable Starter Pack comes with 2 bamboo toothbrushes, 1 neem wood regular comb, 1 neem tongue scraper, and 1 natural loofah. All of these products are made from sustainable bamboo and are completely biodegradable so that they can return safely to the earth after you've used them up!

Gift Hamper – Travel

When you're looking for a gift that's sure to please, look no further than our new Travel Gift Hamper!

The Bamboo toothbrush, Paper pencil, and pen are great for writing notes and keeping a diary, while the spork will help you eat on the go. The travel cutlery pouch is also an accessory that can be used in any situation.

Zero waste, Eco Starter Gift Hamper- Personal Care Kit for 2

When you're ready to take the first step on your zero-waste journey, we've got you covered.

This gift box is full of all the essentials for a well-rounded routine, from a bamboo toothbrush to a loofah sponge, and everything in between.

Zero waste Personal care starter Kit With Candle - Gift Hamper

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change in the new year, this minimalist kit is the perfect way to get started!

This kit includes everything you need to begin your journey into minimalism: a bamboo toothbrush, natural loofah sponge or scrub, neem wood comb, and our famous coconut shell soy candle.

Renew + Replenish Skin Care Gift Hamper

Hydrate Unscented Lip Balm keeps lips supple all day. The Trouble Melter Soap contains natural, mild ingredients. The Shine Mask gives those who love a good shower a bright glow. And finally, our Botanical Floral Steam will help them unwind.

Men's Grooming & Care Hamper

This is the perfect new year gift for best friend who is looking to get their skin in tip-top shape.

All the products in this hamper are made with freshly ground ingredients and handcrafted in small batches by skilled artisans who care about quality over quantity.

Energize + Reliven Skin Care Gift Hamper

This new year gift ideas for friends, give the gift of pampering! With this hamper, you can give your family and friends the chance to indulge in some serious self-care.

Each of the products in this basket is made with natural ingredients to help your skin stay healthy and hydrated all year round.


And that's the end! We hope you liked our list of eco-friendly gift ideas for people in your life who care about the environment. Remember that any gift you give should fit the person's personality, values, tastes, and hobbies. 

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