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For people who are globetrotters and eco-conscious, sustainable travel duffles are a great choice. These eco-friendly duffle bags not only accommodate a lot of things but also are sustainable. Traveling with these sustainable duffles means spreading the message of sustainability to the places you are going to. 

A variety of organic cotton duffle bags are available in the market that are completely made up of natural cotton and are biodegradable. These bags are also made from recycled clothes thus, reducing the waste from the earth. 

Benefits of Eco-friendly Travel Duffle Bags

These eco-friendly duffle bags promoting sustainability have numerous benefits:


These bags are rough and tough and hence are very durable. They are made up of a variety of materials like cotton, pieces of denim, etc. which makes them durable.

Small and lightweight 

These bags are small, rounded in shape, and hence are lightweight, they can be easily carried from one place to another without requiring any extra space for them.


These bags come in a variety of shapes, usually round shapes which make their storage very easy. They can be easily shoved anywhere, thanks to their shape.


These bags are though small but can hold lots of items than regular bags. They have so many pockets within them which further increases their efficiency. 


If you are someone who wants style along with efficiency then duffle bags are apt for you. These bags are sleek, can be hung easily on the shoulder, and look classy and elegant.

Sustainable Bags - Blessing for the Handicraft Industry

Cotton duffle bags are organic and perfect for people who travel frequently and want to promote sustainability. They are prepared with natural cotton and trained artisans. Sustainable bags thus, not only protect the environment but also promote the handicraft workers. 

At the present times when everything has already been mechanized, traditional workers are losing their source of income. Sustainable items like organic cotton duffle bags give them the opportunity to work and earn. 

When products are made from machines, their processing also takes a toll on the earth. A lot of fuel is consumed, various types of pollution occur, and non-biodegradable, poisonous chemical waste is released which altogether takes a toll on the environment. When on the other hand, products are made manually, no wastage occurs, all the waste is dumped carefully, minimum fuel is wasted, and less pollution occurs. 


A responsible traveler is one who himself/ herself tries to conserve the environment and also urges the people whom he/she meets on the way to their destination. If you are among one of them then Brown Living has brought the best quality eco-friendly duffle bags for you. 

These bags are exclusively made from natural resources and by trained artisans. They sell bags made from a variety of materials with a wide range of colors and styles. They are durable and after they get too old, they can be easily recycled. 

Checkout Brown Living's collection of sustainable travel duffles below:

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