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Do you know that clothes have become an alarming threat to our environment during the past few years? Yes, you read it right. The fashion industry is responsible for 4 to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The fast fashion concept is a major problem in our traditional fashion industry. Fast fashion refers to the manufacturing of inexpensive clothes, in large quantities. The fast fashion process requires excess quantities of water, chemicals, and energy, thereby leading to excessive waste generation. Though fast fashion helps us in keeping up with the latest styles and trends, it is important to note that it leads to pollution. 

Considering the social and environmental factors of fast fashion, environmentalists and entrepreneurs have come up with an eco-friendly fashion solution i.e. Sustainable Fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to the process of making clothes using eco-friendly material, without utilizing much water and energy, thereby ensuring less waste generation. Sustainable clothes are produced in such a way that they can be recycled and reused. 

Not only is sustainable fashion good for the environment, it also offers various benefits to you as well. If you are looking for an elegant short kurti for women, you must look at what sustainable fashion has to offer you. 

  • Compared to traditional fashion, sustainable fashion saves you money in the long run. Sustainable cotton kurtis for women and men are more durable than traditional ones because they are made up of high-quality clothing. 
  • Traditionally, synthetic fibers are used that are composed of chemicals. On the other hand, sustainably, natural and organic fibers are used. Some examples are nettle fibers (derived from rapper and also fibra), Jusi (derived from banana plant stems), orange fiber (derived from citrus), and QMilk (a milk protein). Hence, sustainable fashion clothes tend to be softer than the traditional ones. Unlike traditional fashion, sustainable kurtis for women are always breathable and resistant to wear & tear. 
  • Harsh chemicals are used in the dyeing and manufacturing of traditional fashion. Sometimes, toxic dyes and aggressive materials will also be used to produce clothes in fast fashion.

One step towards sustainability 

Every year, 70 million tons of clothing are known to be discarded out of which 48% of them are fully functional and usable condition. That’s the impact of Fast Fashion. 

Sustainable and ethical fashion is one of the best solutions to reducing carbon footprint and ceasing the negative impact of synthetic fibers. This Diwali, opt for sustainable fashion, and take one step forward towards sustainability. 

Artisans play a crucial role in the sustainable fashion industry. It’s essential for us, the consumers, to recognize handmade clothing craft is a form of classical heritage that shall be preserved for a better future. Saying Yes to sustainable fashion, you can also promote the artisans' communities and livelihoods. 

Sustainable fashion is not merely a trend, but is the future of the fashion industry! Ensure to collaborate with Brown Living to avail the most feasible eco-friendly solutions at affordable pricing points.

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