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Sensitive skin needs to be treated with utmost care. Dust, pollution, heat, etc. harm this skin type frequently and severely. To avoid them it is advisable for people with sensitive skin to cover their faces using a facemask. But the choice of facemasks should be done wisely. 

If you will use facemasks made up of polyethylene, or synthetic fibers then also your skin might get affected. Thus, people with sensitive skin must go for sustainable face masks. These masks are made up of natural substances which do not react with the skin themselves and also guard the skin against harmful foreign substances.

Benefits of Sustainable Facemasks

Apart from being healthy for the environment, organic cotton face masks have several other advantages too which proves them the best alternative to the other synthetic facemasks out there in the market. Some of these advantages are:


Since these sustainable facemasks are made up of only natural materials, they are quite safe for the skin. The natural element suits the sensitive skin well and protects it. 

Do not cause allergy 

Synthetic facemasks have several chemicals which act as allergens and cause severe allergies on the skin. The sensitive skin tends to develop rashes, pimples, and acne which hamper the appearance of the skin. At times they lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin. Organic cotton face masks on the other hand are devoid of any chemicals and are safe for every skin type. 


Synthetic facemasks constrict the flow of air. Their molecular structure is compact which doesn’t let the air pass through them. This leads to oxygen deficiency and causes suffocation. Cotton on the other hand has hollow spaces between its molecules in its structure which leads to good air supply through it.


Organic cotton face masks are lightweight and easy to manage. They aren’t stiff like the synthetic ones. They also have good absorbency, unlike synthetic ones.

Taking Care of Cotton Masks

Organic cotton masks should be washed and dried after each use. They should be stored properly and should be regularly disinfected. Sustainable masks get decomposed easily but still should be decomposed carefully so that germs do not infect the environment. They are usually quite easy to handle and need only a little care and maintenance. Make sure you wear them whenever you go in an area containing dust, pollution, and other similar allergens.


Sustainable facemasks are the best alternatives as they protect the environment as well as your skin. Brown Living has brought up similar facemasks. You can buy facemasks online easily through their website. They are reusable, come in exciting patterns and colors, and most importantly are sustainable and get recycled easily. 

For more protection, they also sell layered facemasks which provide extra protection. The masks are available for all age groups thus, promoting sustainability among all generations. You can also go for patterned masks to match your outfits. Thus, they are exploring the zeniths of sustainability. Explore facemasks below:


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