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Hey there, earth-lovers! Have you ever thought about where all the plastic packaging we use ends up? Well, let me tell you, it's not a happy story.

Plastic packaging, like the kind you find around your toys or snacks, styrofoam containers, and the famous stress-relieving bubble wrap, is causing big stress for our planet.

How It Hurts Our Planet

Let's talk about why plastic packaging is a big problem. First off, did you know that a lot of plastic packaging is only used once and then thrown away? That's right!

68% of all packaging ever made ends up in our landfills! Its wasted!

It's called single-use plastic, and it's causing a big mess. When we throw away all this plastic, it doesn't just disappear. It sticks around for a super long time, sometimes hundreds of years! And while it's hanging out, it's hurting animals and making our planet dirty.

When plastic packaging ends up in the ocean, it's especially bad. Sea animals, like turtles and fish, can get tangled in it or accidentally eat it, thinking it's food. This makes them really sick, and sometimes they even die. Plus, when plastic breaks down into tiny pieces, called microplastics, it can end up in the bellies of sea creatures and even in the fish we eat!

What We Can Do

But don't worry, there are things we can do to help. At Brown Living, we keep sustainability first, we believe in using packaging that doesn't harm our planet. We use 100% plastic-free packaging, which means it's made from things like paper, cardboard, or even plants that break down safely and don't hurt animals.

We also think it's important to reuse things whenever we can. Instead of throwing away your packaging after using it once, you can find creative ways to use it again or recycle it. We made been experimenting with reusable packaging in our teams for a long time now and it works wonders when our customers are close to us and we can recover the packaging material back.

Remember, every little bit helps! By using less plastic packaging and choosing eco-friendly packaging options, we can all work together to keep our planet clean and healthy for generations to come.

Here are some sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging available on Brown Living:


Now, let's go out there and make a difference! Together, we can protect our planet and make it a better place for everyone. Thanks for caring about our home!

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