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Sustainable Living is a lot more than just being eco-friendly. We must look at the whole cycle of product creation - i.e., circular design of the product.

Whilst the ingredients of a naturally or organically-made product is environmentally friendly, we should also be mindful that high demand for any single resource can put pressure on the environment.

This is what has happened to very popular ingredients in our food intake:
🥥 Coconut (oil, milk, coir scrubs, leaves - you name it and it can all be used in some form)
🌾Wheat (that domesticated us, and we largely depend on it for our carbohydrate consumption but it brings a lot of pressure on just one crop)
🌴 Palm tree oil (that led to massive deforestation in Western world countries due to a large demand in creating peanut butter and processed foods)
🥑 Avocados (there is a whole mafia for this green gold product, which was only suitable for growth in Mexico at some point in time)

In an age where ancient eco-systems are routinely cleared to make way for mono-crop cultures, we have a responsibility to ensure that we purchase from reputable producers, that we buy as good quality as we can afford, and that we take care of them so they last as long as possible before needing replacing.

Be mindful of what you buy.
Even if is it naturally made - be conscious of its use, make it last longer.


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