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In the last ten years, sustainability has gained popularity and become an important subject in both the corporate and tourism sectors. Businesses' production practices are now subject to intense scrutiny. While also encouraging travel businesses to track their carbon footprints and strive for a more clean, greener world.

The luggage industry has started adopting a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) material with a polypropylene base to help with this sustainability effort. It is a compact, impact-resistant material that is additionally believed to be easier to recycle than goods of the same kind. Not only does this material boost stability against bumps and scratches, but it is also known to be temperature resistant, which further increases its longevity.

TPO is more resistant to unexpected exposure to the elements, such as when sustainable travel bags are left out in the sun while waiting to be loaded onto a bus or when it is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuation in a plane's overhead compartment. Thereby these luggage are more ecologically friendly and also have exceptional durability.

Some tips to take care of and maintain your sustainable travel bag are:

  • Never overstuff a bag

Overpacking sustainable travel luggage puts stress on zippers and seams, raising the possibility that a component might fall apart while being used.

  • Servicing the exterior

Disinfecting wipes should be used to clean the handles and the bottom of the bag, including the wheels. To ensure that the zippers continue to function as intended, don't forget to clean them of sand, grit, and grime. If your zip becomes stuck, use wax (candles) to massage it and lubricate it.

  • Removing odours

Use baking soda instead of any harsh chemicals to get rid of any persistent smells that persist even after you've given that region of your bags for travel a good airing. 

For the purpose of cleaning, take a clean sock, stuff it with approximately three teaspoons of baking soda, knot it up and store it in your baggage with the zipper closed for a few days.

  • Cleaning the Luggage

A few simple steps must be remembered in order to clean a sustainable travel bag. Empty the bag first, then take out any loose dirt or dust. In the case of the bag being machine washable, mild cycle, cold water, and eco-friendly detergent should be used to clean it. 

You need to fill a sink with cold water and moderate detergent for hand washing, and then clean the bag gently with a soft brush or sponge. Completely rinse, then squeeze out any extra water. 

Finally, let the bag dry naturally in an area with shade away from the sun. Bleach and strong chemicals should be avoided to clean sustainable travel bags since they can harm the sustainable materials used to make the bag.

Final Overview

In conclusion, industry-wide sustainability is a popular subject where businesses are making efforts to ensure that the environment is taken into account. Many businesses are thinking about items like TPO materials that can be used in premium bags. 

Therefore, you should consider the environment while you are purchasing your bags for travel and choose sustainable travel luggage. If you want to purchase an eco-friendly luggage that will last long you can consider purchasing it from Brown Living.

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