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Discover daily essentials for a plastic-free lifestyle! Get tips on eco-friendly swaps from reusable bags to bamboo toothbrushes with Brown Living. Read more!

If you've been working towards having a #PlasticFreeJuly, continue your progress for the rest of the year too! There are several ways to attain freedom from plastic dependency, without having to make large-scale changes. Use this guide as your daily blueprint for all the plastic-free essentials you may need.

1. Shopping Essentials: Cloth/Tote Bags

The best way to avoid plastic bags is to carry your own reusable cloth bags every time you go shopping! They're washable, durable & multi-use.

2. Personal Hygiene Essentials: Bamboo kit

Your daily personal hygiene products can also be found in sustainable, plastic-free versions. The next time you need to buy a razor or new toothbrush, switch to a bamboo alternative that's easily recyclable & biodegradable. Now available on Brown Living.

3. Bathing Essentials: Soaps

Natural, reef-safe bathing essentials like soaps & shampoos can help reduce the amount of plastic pollution that reaches our oceans. From packaging to end-use, these are sustainable must-haves! Now available on Brown Living.

4. Bathing Essentials: Shampoo Bars

All-natural shampoo bars are packed without any plastic & formulated to be gentle on both-Your hair as well as the planet. Now available on Brown Living, try these PH balanced hair cleansing bars.

 5. Travel Essentials: Reusable Cutlery & Straws

Love eating out? Travelling soon or just stepping down for some fresh coconut water? Carry your own reusable straws and/or disposable bamboo cutlery. This can help you avoid waste from single-use plastic straws, spoons & forks on such occasions

6. Fashion Essentials: Fabrics Cheat Sheet 

When it comes to living a holistic plastic-free life, even your clothing can help play a role. Sustainable, Earth-friendly fabrics like Bamboo, Hemp & organic cotton fibre are good for your skin & the planet!

7. Fitness Essentials: Yoga Mats

You can add an element of consciousness to every avenue of life, including your fitness routine! If you love Yoga and are looking for a sustainable alternative to generic PVC yoga mats, try cork-based alternatives. They are light, durable, anti-microbial & odourless! Now available on Brown Living.

8. Self-Care Essentials: Natural deodorants

Synthetic deodorants are saturated with Earth-harming toxic chemicals. Deodorants made with natural ingredients protect you against odour without harming the planet. Free from aluminium, parabens, sulphate & synthetic fragrances, they are also safer choices for your health. Now available on Brown Living.

9. Hair-Care Essentials: Neem Wood Combs

Handcrafted Neem wood combs are a non-invasive, herbal way of nourishing your hair & boosting growth. Adopt this age-old hair care practice into your daily routine for healthier, flowing tresses. Now available on Brown Living.

10. Party Essentials: Disposable Cutlery

Parties and gatherings can often lead to large amounts of waste. Ease your dilemma with 100% biodegradable cutlery made from Areca Palm leaves. These sturdy sets are home compostable and microwave safe! Now available on Brown Living.

11. Period Essentials: Earth-friendly Pads

Switch to Earth-friendly menstrual care for a plastic-free period! Explore reusable menstrual products and skin-friendly underwear for a healthy & sustainable cycle. Now available on Brown Living.

12. Snacking Essentials: Organic, Healthy Snacks

Snack-time can be made 100% guilt-free when it's both healthy & easy on the environment. Now available on Brown Living, explore a range of organic & healthy snacks packed in reusable jars. PS: Gluten-Free options are available.

13. WFH Essentials/Study Essentials: Plastic-Free Stationery

Your work desk essentials can be made sustainable with stationery that blooms when planted. Explore Earth-friendly, plantable stationery on Brown Living. Made with sustainable materials, they are 100% plastic-free

14. Styling Essentials: Sustainable Accessories

Ethnic jewellery is evergreen and always in style! Add that extra dose of glam to your wardrobe with handmade copper, brass & mirror-work jewellery. Now available on Brown Living.

15. Essentials for your baby: Diapers

Prevent plastic waste from disposable diapers by choosing skin-friendly reusables made of organic fibres. They are gentle on your baby's skin & cost-effective in the long run.


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