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Some say that sustainable products are not affordable for all. Well, sustainable products are definitely affordable if you look at the long term benefit of the product on the environment as well as on your pocket.

🌱 If you buy consciously, you will end up using all that you have - for a much longer duration.
🌱 You will be more mindful of what you consume (say no to single-use plastics is a very good place to start)
🌱 Start with investing in a reusable set of cutlery/cups which you can use on-the-move (a lot of cafes now give you a discount if you bring your own containers, that's a great win!)
🌱 Switch to fashion that is ethically made (If we all want to save money and make more for ourselves, so do the workers who work long hours in a workshop to create clothing that makes you look good! They deserve the same right to be paid fairly and also have a good working environment) Yes, it costs a bit more than the usual mass-produced labels, but think about the lives you empower when you buy from these small business owners.

If each one of us just took one single step to make a change, say no to the wrong product and yes to the right one, then we can all heal the world, grow the global movement, to make this world a healthier place, which is free of trash and filled with things that are #goodfortheearth & #goodforyou

And, to answer your question, Yes! It is possible to make sustainable products more affordable, but we all have to make a change in our everyday lives, switch to sustainable first - Create a demand that is so huge that large corporations have no other choice but to switch to sustainable methods and materials!

#EthicalFashion #Reusables #SayNoToPlastics #JoinTheMovement

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