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Clothing alone is not fashionable during festivities like Deepavali, other additions like footwear and jewellery are included in fashion. This blog brings you seven must-have eco-friendly accessories for ethnic wear for women that will help you enhance your look and contribute to nature saving. We should now look at some of these cool add-ons to jazz up your outfits.

Sustainable Footwear

Eco-friendly footwear combines fashion and concern for the environment. These shoes are made of eco-friendly materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and leather from sustainably harvested sources. This is because they advocate for the use of environmentally based methods like reducing carbon emissions and conserving water in the production process. 

Those who follow ethical fashion cannot afford to ignore sustainable footwear which is both trendy and comfortable while being eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly footwear includes recycled rubber flip-flops, hemp sandals, eco-sneakers, and others that match your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo is the epitome of elegance and sustainability as far as the accessories are concerned. Bamboo, which is highly favored as a green option due to its fast regrowth, is very desirable. Bamboo can be applied for jewelleries, eyewear, or simple things such as hairpins and a watch. 

These accessories add a little touch of natural sophistication to your style. They are not only strong and light, but also biodegradable so you could feel good wearing clothes made of it.

Handwoven Shawls

Shawls made by hand are an example of traditional handicrafts done sustainably. These shawls are made with complex hand-weaving processes and are available in a range of styles, frequently made with natural and organic fibres. 

They advocate for a kind of art that is timeless and encourages morally sound creation. In addition to offering cosiness and warmth, handwoven shawls highlight the illustrious history of textile artists. By selecting these shawls, you promote a sustainable and ethical fashion sector in addition to improving your own style. 

Handcrafted Jute Clutch

The eco-friendly jute clutch should make your sustainable fashion collection complete. These clutches are skillfully crafted by artisans in different designs and colours to match with the Diwali outfit ensemble. Jute is a renewable and compostable fiber with a natural rustic appeal. This cloth is stylish and environmentally friendly as it is made by nature and with its natural texture.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Sunglasses are considered to be the environmentally friendly choice of eyeglasses. The sunglasses are made from recyclable or sustainable materials such as bamboo, wood, or recycled plastic in different styles. 

They not only save your eyes but also save the environment. Eco-friendly sunglasses come with a polarized lens, polarized lenses block the sun’s UV rays, protecting our eyes hence fashion with sustainability. Using these shades is a fashion statement and a commitment to the style of our planet.

Artisan-Made Fabric Earrings

Colorful artisan-made fabric earrings are quite an eco-friendly way to complement your Diwali outfit. These earrings are made by hand by experienced artisans who employ indigenous weaving methods to create elaborate patterns. These materials include organic and sustainable fabrics, making sure that your accessories are both eco-friendly and stylish. 

These fabric earrings can either be block-printed, hand-embroidered, or tie-dyed. Regardless of the process used, they will always highlight artisanship and eco-friendly fashion thus making it a worthy adornment for any eco-conscious individual.

Recycled Silver Jewelry

Shine on recycled silver jewelry is an outstanding representation of sustainability and sophistication. These rings, necklaces, and earrings made of silver recycled by artisans have intricate patterns. 

It achieves this by re-using already available materials, thereby minimizing the demand for new mining and resource extraction. Silver jewelry made from recycled products can give your Diwali appearance a hint of sophistication and is in line with environment-friendly principles.

Fashion is more than just what you wear, and these essential accessories can make your festive style stand out. Traditional wear for women exudes comfort, style, and a strong dedication to environmental preservation. 

Use a range of eco-friendly accessories to up your Diwali style. Every item, from bamboo accessories to eco-friendly shoes, blends elegance and environmental responsibility.  Discover eco-friendly fashion at Brown Living Company, and this festival season, shine responsibly.


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