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Every relationship in your life is crucial because it completes you. A thoughtful present can lighten up your loved one's New Year. Brown Living offers handpicked, specially requested eco-friendly gifts online for your loved ones. Trending presents from 2023 are available on Brown Living to light up the faces of your dear ones this New Year.

Here are Some Trending Gifts to Consider in 2023

Brown Living has a wide selection of eco-friendly presents that caters to every event. Here are some of the best New Year gift ideas for you to choose from.

Winter Gift Box -

     The hamper includes a lovely Thermos bottle, a coconut shell tea light holder, and a coconut snack bowl. It is an ideal gift for people of any age.

    Eco-Friendly Stationery Gift Kit -

      The kit has seed-topped plantable paper pens, brown (khaki) kraft paper, and a seed pencil set. It is perfect for students, artists, and creative minds.

      Drunken Santa Gift Box

        All you need this holiday season is this gift set, which includes handmade coconut wine glasses and a soy candle. It is a terrific way to start the New Year party.

        Personal Care Hamper

          The hamper includes a handmade rose soap bar, foot soak, shea butter lip balm, crochet hair tie (handmade), coconut milk heart-shaped soap bar, neem wood comb, and coffee and sugar body scrub. This is perfect for self-care lovers.

          Zoya Sustainable Giftset Combo

            This sustainable gift package combo includes an artisan kala cotton stole and a pair of plantable seed-paper bookmarks (Tulsi seeds). It also comes with a bespoke fabric journal and an A6 and an A5 Fabric Diary.

            Special Ultimate Sustainable Gift Kit

              Everything in this eco-friendly gift set is healthier for you and nature. This kit comprises a DIY microgreen growing kit that is perfect for adults and kids.

              Sunrise Sustainable Gift Set Combo

                This Sustainable Gift set Combo includes 1 Sterling Silver piece of jewelry, 1 Scarf, 1 Handmade fabric diary, an A6 Fabric Diary, and an A5 Fabric Diary. Gift this to your special girl!

                Work From Home Essentials -

                  Opt for this eco-friendly gift box for your friends, coworkers, and spouse to motivate them to lead healthier lives. 

                  Eco-friendly Gift Box- Pink with Yellow

                    A perfect Gift for your loved ones consists of an Eco-printed journal, an Eco-printed bookmark, Eco-printed Silk Bandana, and an Eco-printed Silk Scrunchie.

                    Zero Waste Starter Kit

                      This is an eco-friendly gift set for men and women from Clan Earth. You don't need to look any further if you're looking for the best New Year gift! 

                      Perfect Essentials Gift Hamper

                        Give your loved ones this tastefully packaged eco-friendly gift set. It includes items for personal care and hygiene such as a Neem Wood Toothbrush, Tongue Cleaner, Comb and Toothbrush Holder. Coconut Shell Bowl, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Chopsticks, Cotton Ear Swabs, and Soy Wax Candle are all included.

                        Glow Getter Gift Set with Rose Quartz Face Roller

                          Treat yourself to this popular skincare routine. This regimen will help you relax, de-stress, and radiate glow. Natural Vibes will calm your senses and repair your skin from within. 

                          Wooden 3D Puzzle Six-in-One Game Set

                            The 6-In-One Wooden puzzle games box is handmade and stylish, portable, and features beautiful 3D puzzles. 

                            Set the tone - AM Ritual Kit-

                              We have a right to enjoy ourselves. Self-care is something that one needs to practice daily. Gift this self-care kit to your loved ones!

                              Natural Scented Wax Tablet

                                These naturally scented wax tablets are perfect for linen and wool storage for a pleasant, comforting scent. Our pure, unbleached beeswax and sunflower wax tablets are hand-poured and expertly produced. Carefully chosen essential oils of Vetiver (Khus), Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Frankincense, and Palmarosa are used. Place or hang at the preferred spot. 

                                Energize + Reliven Skin Care Gift Hamper

                                  This hamper contains edible chocolate lip scrub, hot chocolate whipped soap, cookie and cream whipped soap scrub, and body lotions.

                                  Eco-Friendly Stationery Gift Kit

                                    This eco-friendly stationery combo kit is a perfect plantable gift set for all. It contains 1 plantable handmade notebook, 7 plantable seed paper pens, 10 plantable seed paper pencils, and an eco-friendly kraft paper pen set.

                                    Special Ultimate Sustainable Gift Kit

                                      Everything in this eco-friendly gift set is healthier for you and nature. This engaging DIY microgreen growing kit is perfect for adults and kids.

                                      3-In-One Wooden 3D Puzzle Games Set

                                        There are three 3D puzzles, including a snake cube, the diagonal burr, and the interlocking blocks. 

                                        Men's Grooming & Care Hamper

                                          You'll feel refreshed and prepared to take on the day after receiving this thoughtfully chosen hamper. The soaps are created by hand using locally sourced elements to provide a calming bathing experience. 


                                          Our catalogue inspires you to choose special presents that have a positive impact on the lives of your loved ones. We aim to provide a wide selection of eco-friendly gifts available online at Brown Living. It affects both the biotic component as a whole and at each level at the same time.

                                          All the products are handmade, biodegradable, and produced in India. Not to forget, we use plastic-free packaging. Get your best New Year gifts online from Brown Living to promote sustainability and make your loved ones' New Year brighter. Happy New Year!

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