Why should you use Naari Cloth Pads?

  • Maximum Coverage: Naari products are designed to give you maximum protection during your period. The pads come in three models and six variants to help you navigate your period with the utmost ease.
  • Gentle on your Skin: The cloth pads are chemical & plastic-free. You can go through your period rash free and happy in the knowledge that the product you are using has no side effects on your health & well being.
  • No Odor: Cloth is breathable and allows airflow ensuring that your pad doesn't smell.
  • Economical & Long Lasting: Cloth pads can last up to 2 years based on your usage and care. That is 2 years of not having to worry about buying pads when your period comes knocking. Plus, the savings on cost is phenomenal as cloth pads overtime cost 1/8 the cost of disposables.
  • Biodegradable Last Layer: The last leak-proof layer of the Naari Cloth Pad is made out of gum & cotton, ensuring you can throw the pad in its entirety in the compost bin when you are done with it. The last layer holds your blood for the longest time and helps you stay spot free.
  • Safe and Healthy: No chemicals, plastics, perfumes, bleach, latex & toxins.
  • Water Conservation: Did you know? Your menstrual blood contains nutrients and acts as a natural fertilizer for your plants? You can use your soaked water to water the plants around your house.
  • Cute Designs: Start associating your periods with a positive connotation and not as something to be shy or ashamed of. Many women have reclaimed their space by flaunting their Naari Pads in public.

What are Naari Cloth Pads made of?

  • Naari Cloth pads are made of 100% natural organic vegetable dyed cotton material. We use a plain top sheet that comes in both light/dark shades. You can select any based on your preference. These pads last 2+ years and are 100% biodegradable.
  • The inner cotton core is made of super soft, super absorbent diaper core that ensures your pad doesn't feel wet and absorbs all moisture quickly.
  • The last layer is a gum layered leak proof layer which ensures you stay spot free for a long time. 
  • All these layers are natural & sustainable.

Did you know? The regular disposable pads contain 90% plastics and enable a moisture buildup that causes irritation/infections and a bad odor.

  • Cloth is airy & breathable
  • It feels like another layer of your underwear
  • There is no moisture buildup which is one of the main reasons for bacterial vaginosis
  • It doesn't stink as cloth allows airflow
  • You dint get rashes as cloth is super soft & absorbent
  • It's actually a healthier option, but years of conditioning & aggressive marketing have helped us believe otherwise.

Why should I switch to re-usable menstrual products?

Using reusable menstrual products like Naari Cloth Pad will help you become healthier and at the same time, help the environment by reducing landfill waste. Every year 9000 tonnes (432 million pads) of soiled menstrual napkin waste is generated in India. Due to improper disposal systems they do not degrade and get dumped in landfills and stay there forever. Also, most reusable menstrual products are chemical-free and fragrance-free, decreasing the possibility of side effects like allergic reactions and hormone disruptions.

What is the Naari Cloth Pad made of?

  1. The Naari Cloth pad is made out of 100%organic vegetble dyed cotton cloth which has been washed several times to ensure it absorbs liquid quickly and feels soft on your skin.
  2. The inner layers are made from super absorbent diaper cloth for maximum retention without causing a wet feeling.
  3. The leak-proof layer is gum-coated cotton which ensures you stay spot free for a long time.

What are the different types of Naari Pads?

Naari pads come in 3 different designs:

  1. Bloom Pad: Foladable pad which looks like a square cloth.
  2. Lithe Pad: Two Piece pad. One foldable insert and one leak proof layer
  3. Joy Pad: Single piece pad with all the layers stitched together.

All the above pads come in Medium & Heavy Flow variants. Please check product description while making the purchase

How does Naari Pad differ from other cloth pads?

With the Naari Pad, only a 100% cotton touches your skin. Further:

  • Naari Cloth Pads do not contain a PUL layer which is a polyester layer used in all other cloth pads. This is a derivative of plastic and takes years to disintegrate.
  • We use Kalamkari prints for the last layer, which is a natural vegetable dyed material.
  • The cloth is a specific diaper cloth that can absorb blood quickly including any blood clots
  • The colours of the cotton cloth come in both light and dark shades depending on your choice
  • Our different varieties of pads ensure that people with varying preferences and choices can choose a pad that best fits their need

Who uses Naari Pads?

Naari Pads are used by teens who have just started their menstruation to college goers, working professionals, newlyweds, mothers, and women undergoing menopause.

Our pads are designed to cater to every age group and their specific needs.

How long will Naari Cloth Pad last and how do I throw them away after?

Your Naari Cloth Pad will last upto 2 years, depending on your personal usage and care. Once used you can throw the pad in its entirety in the compost bin. You can cut the steel pins and compost it in your home compost. You can throw it in wet waste if you do not have a home compost

Can teens use Naari Pads?

Why not?! By using Naari Cloth Pad, we believe that young women will be more confident and aware of their natural bodily phenomenon. For some reason, holding out a sanitary pad in public is something to be shy of and ashamed of. It shouldn’t! Naari Pad's lovely patterns will help reduce that public humiliation and by going through the process of washing the pads, many young women will begin to appreciate the whole cycle.

Can I use Naari Cloth Pads for light incontinence and leakage?

Of course! You can choose any version of Naari Pads that works with your situation.

Is Naari Cloth Pad suitable during pregnancy and postpartum use?

Absolutely! We say they are actually better than disposable pads since Naari Pads are chemical-free! Becoming a mom is an exciting adventure and as much as the excitement, you tend become more aware of what you use during pregnancy and during postpartum. Naari Pads are unbleached and undyed, so don’t worry about any bad stuff getting to your baby. Our Heavy Flow Pads offer maximum coverage, so it’s great for postpartum too! 

Using Naari Pads: 

How many and what size Naari Pads should I use?

Number of pads used is about the same with disposables or sometimes less. With disposables, you usually have to change them because of smell or uncomfortableness even when the pad is not full. However, with Naari Pads, there is no odour and feels just like wearing your underwear, so there may be times when you don’t have to change as much as disposables. Please keep in mind that everyone is different. Your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point.

For a starting point, our Period Kit offers the pads to cover the duration of your entire period. It comes with 7 pads - 4 medium flow and 3 heavy flow along with an easy drying string and carry on wet pouch. It is designed to ensure that you can manage your entire period with utmost ease.

How many Naari Pads should I purchase?

Most users purchase our Period Kit to keep them covered during their period. However, you can choose to start off with one pad or a set of 2 (from any of the models) to understand your comfort levels with the pads.

We recommend at least 4 pads to have a degree of comfort during your periods.

Please note, the above instructions are generic and do not apply to individuals who have a higher than usual heavy flow. Please choose the pads according to your needs and convenience. The pads are designed to catch your heaviest flows, the number you would need to purchase may vary on your usage.

Will Naari Pads leak?

No, Naari Pads will not leak with proper use and care. There is a leak-proof coating of gum on the inside of the outer layer which prevents leakage by holding your blood for a long time. However, it is advised that you take proper care and change the pads once every 6 hours.

How do they stay in place?

They are fastened by high quality metal snaps on the wings. You would fold the wings over the gusset of your underwear as you would with a disposable pad, and then simply fasten the snaps. We recommend you wear snug fitting underwear to help Naari Pad stay close to your body. Unlike a disposable pad where the pad completely sticks to your underwear, Naari Pad is like another cotton layer to your underwear. Once you adjust it as per your convenience, you don't need to bother about the pad until you change it again.

Doesn't the snap on the pads make them uncomfortable?

The snaps are small metal push buttons, which will not be able to poke you through the layers of cotton + your underwear.

How do I wash and care for my Naari Pads?

  1. Step 1: Soak in COLD or WARM water. Do not use hot water as it sets stains. Soak it for a minimum of 30 minutes before you lather and wash it
  2. Step 2: Lather in cold water with washing detergent. Either hand wash while you are taking a shower or wash it in a washing machine. If you are using a washing machine, keep the temperature settings to a minimum. Do not use a cloth brush as it reduces the softness and absorbency of cloth
  3. Step 3: Hang them to sun dry using the easy drying string

Will my cramps disappear if I use a Naari Pad?

Naari Pad is just like wearing your everyday cotton underwear. Majority of reusable menstrual product users have noted that their cramps have become lighter or almost disappeared. Our customers have given us the same feedback as well. Because Naari Cloth Pad is chemical-free and fragrance-free, it does its job while not exposing you to any more chemicals. However, there is no scientific backing to the claim that cramps reduce while using reusable cloth pads.

We recommend you do get medical attention if you are suffering pain from any other medical conditions other than the normal range of menstrual pain.

Is there no odour with Naari Pad?

Did you know? In healthy conditions, menstrual blood does not have any other bad odour than the normal smell of blood. Menstruation is not dirty, disgusting, or smelly. The usual bad smell that you’re thinking of comes from the chemical reaction made when blood meets with the chemicals inside a disposable pad. This is why most disposable pads are heavily scented with artificial fragrances. Naari Cloth Pads are made of 100% cotton. No chemicals. No reaction. No smell!

What are the benefits for my skin if I use Naari Cloth Pad?

One of the most sensitive and absorbent areas in a woman’s body is the mucosal lining of the vagina. Naari Pad does not contain any bleach, dioxin, or formaldehyde. So you are truly free of toxins! And as a result, there is minimal to no allergic skin reactions or rashes.

Furthermore, disposable pads enable a moisture build-up in the vagina leading to heavy irritation/infection and in some cases bacterial vaginosis.

Naari pads ensures the humidity in your underwear does not increase as the pads allow airflow. This ensures no moisture build-up in your private parts during your periods.

How do I conserve water by using Naari Pad?

Did you know? Your menstrual blood is a natural fertilizer and is good for plants. Instead of throwing the water you soaked your pad in away, use it for plants in your house. Menstrual blood acts as a natural fertilizer and is good for your plants.

General Queries: 

Why should I switch to re-usable menstrual products?

Using reusable menstrual products like Naari Cloth Pad will help you become healthier and at the same time, help the environment by reducing landfill waste. Every year 9000 tonnes (432 million pads) of soiled menstrual napkin waste is generated in India. Due to improper disposal systems they do not degrade and get dumped in landfills and stay there forever. Also, most reusable menstrual products are chemical-free and fragrance-free, decreasing the possibility of side effects like allergic reactions and hormone disruptions.

What are the environmental benefits of using a cloth pad?

Cloth pads last upto 2-3 years depending on your usage and care. Once done, they are a 100% bio-degradable and can be put in the compost bin. Furthermore, menstrual blood is good for plants

If you buy a re-usable cloth pad, it drastically reduces the amount of sanitary waste generated. Sanitary waste can be neither re-cycled nor decomposed.

Due to improper waste disposal systems in India, many pourakarmikas are the ones who have to manually pick up your sanitary waste to be disposed in landfills. They do this by hand, without the protection of gloves. Sometimes, people flush down their pads and tampons, which have to be manually removed from the drain in order to resume water flow. This is done by people. Can you imagine how much of a difference a cloth pad would make to their lives?