Sustainable Self Care for Men

The industry of sustainability and self care is one that often has a female dominated audience and consumer base. While we are all in for women empowerment, it can be an opportunity cost for men who stand in the face of toxic stereotypes.

Self care should not be limited to a gender. Especially in the sustainability space, where men should be able to be an active participant, to encourage them to indulge in self care is not only a vital part of being mindful of one’s mind and body but also the planet.

If you are reading this and you relate to being associated with the stereotype that self care puts a dent to one’s masculinity, we want you to think again. 

To bust these myths and stereotyping, Brown Living is proud to be a space for men to indulge in shopping from brands that are sustainable and to help them discover brands like Manive that specialise in products that are primarily focused towards clean self care for men.

Earth Soap Bar for Men by Manive | Brown Living

With brands like Manive being a part of our army of sustainable brands, one of our goals is to make sustainable brands more accessible to men and women alike and to change the way grooming and self care is perceived by men.

Beard & Mustache Oil by Manive | Brown Living

One can now find a self care hamper to gift their father, brother, partner or friend - get the Elemental Bathing Gift for Men.

Skin Care Hamper for Men by Manive | Brown Living

If not the above, we would encourage men reading this, to indulge in the same and get the goodness of sustainability, grooming and wellness all in one. After all, that is what self care is all about!

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